Friday, June 28, 2013

How Writing Routines Can Help You

Most writers either love or dread writing routines. I, for one, like to create them, but not to stick to them. Writers who like to go with the flow, and especially writers who like to procrastinate, are especially in need of writing routines to keep them in shape and writing everyday.

What are writing routines?

A writing routine is a writer's personal step by step ritual for writing. Mine, for example, would look somewhat like this: Read an inspiring poem. Meditate for a few moments on it. Write five pages if I'm feeling down, and if I feel creative, push myself to write as many as possible.

How They Can Help You:

  • You know what to expect. It's much harder to get stuck, confused, or bored if you already know how your writing is going to go, how much you're going to write, and what you're going to write. 
  • They're easy to customize and fit into your own life. Only you know what works for you. The great thing about writing routines is their flexibility--you can adjust them however you want to fit you. Pre-writing rituals, meditation, 5 pages a day: you can choose what you want to do, how you want to do it.
  • They keep procrastinating writers in line. Like I said above--I need a writing routine to write. Otherwise, I may completely forget about it, or I'll push it to the back of my mind repeatedly. I embrace my writing routine everyday because it's personalized for me, and because of that, I consistently write every day.
  • Writing routines are great antidotes for Writer's Block. When my creativity is running dry, I write anyway, because my writing routine includes several pre-writing techniques and activities which get my creative juices flowing again. The consistency, stability, and flexibility of writing routines make them great to battle Writer's Block. 
  • They please your readers. If you're a blogger, or a freelance writer, this is especially important. When you write everyday using your writing routine, your clients and readers come to trust, rely, and depend on your writing. You build a better fanbase by establishing a writing routine.
  • Establishing one is insanely easy. Like I said before: your writing routine is yours. You can choose to jump straight into writing, or you can journal for 10 minutes. You can provide yourself with refreshments that stimulate your energy, or you can listen to an inspiring song. You can also choose how much you write. The creating of one goes a long way in the end, but it's completely spontaneous and flexible to establish.
What are your thoughts on writing routines? What does yours look like, and how does it help you? Feel free to leave a comment! 

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