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Guest posts on the craft of writing in general are welcome. I would prefer they didn't apply specifically to one genre unless that genre is, of course, cozy mysteries, but general posts on writing such as character development, plot development, building an online presence as an author, and others are definitely accepted. Posts on blogging, marketing, promotion, and editing are also welcome. You can also write about your personal journey with writing, your personal editing process, the way you fit writing into your day, how your writing space helps your writing, etc.

Contacting me about a guest post:

The sidebar contains a contact form. You can head there and fill out the required forms if you're interested in writing a guest post. However, please keep the following things in mind:

  • While experienced writers are welcome, if you're not as experienced, that's perfectly all right. As long as your content is relevant, accurate, and helpful, we're good!
  • I'm a huge fan of clear and structured organization. Bullet points are great, and subheadings and easy-to-skim posts are not only easy for blog readers to enjoy but make it easy to make it big also. 
  • Posts must be at least 300 words. Of course, anywhere from 250-300 will suffice--I'm fairly lenient about that, since I know that some writers can effectively convey a message and information through a short post. The longest would probably be no more than 800-900 words. If you're unsure, you can always contact me. 
  • What to include in your contact message: I would prefer that you show me a clearly structured idea and proposal before waiting for my yes or no reply. I want to know exactly what you'll be talking about, if this is relevant to my blog readers or not, and if the post is helpful and clear enough to go viral. Remember, great titles are important! 
  • I would prefer that you familiarize yourself with the content of Writing Cozy Mysteries before submitting an idea. While I know that an original idea really can't be compared to anything else written before, it's a good idea just to check it out so you get a feel of our posts--slightly personal, while still being helpful, and very clearly organized.
  • Please be open to minor edits. If I receive your post after approving your proposal and I don't like it, I'll try to ask you as courteously as possible to make a few edits where necessary. If you aren't willing to work cooperatively with me on that, it may not be a good idea to submit a guest post proposal.
  • You're welcome to include 3-4 links somewhere in your post, either directly in the post to show the readers what you're talking about or as a link to your blog/website/books. If you plan on including more, please check with me first.

Promotion of guest posts:

Since Writing Cozy Mysteries is still relatively small and a growing community, I'll definitely try my hardest to promote the guest post, but your efforts would be greatly appreciated also. It would be wonderful if you could write a post on your blog about guest blogging over here, or if you could send out a tweet about it. I'll tweet a link on my Twitter also. 

Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to receiving your wonderful guest post proposals. 

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  1. Thank you, I look forward in asking you questions, this answered my questions about emailing you. I am glad you could help me:)


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